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something old, something new
10.22.09, 10:17 am
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These 1970’s beauts were rescued from the dress-up pile. One was my mom’s. I’ve saved these shirts a long time for nostalgic reasons, always wanting to repurpose them. On a lazy Sunday, I finally did it!

First, I snipped the upper part off, and then removed the pockets from the front of the shirt.

Lucky thrift-store find: batting.


book art
10.22.09, 7:54 am
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Book art has recently caught my eye…

elle lucille moroni a_moroniCredit: Lucille Moroni


Credit: Anagram Bookshop in Prague

Here’s some how-to.

a place to sit.
10.22.09, 7:20 am
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For five dollars, I bought 3 rusty, unmatched chairs and a table. I sanded them and painted them, and now they are pretty.



They are no match for this rust slayer.

Putting rust to rest!

The offending subjects

The offending subjects