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The Gospel in the Mazzaroth
10.22.09, 10:49 am
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A little something to tide me over until the meteor shower: The Gospel in the Mazzaroth.  There is a great big storyboard in the sky, every night, kind of like a flannelgraph, but way better. Constellations depict the story of Redemption, because creation is always faithful to reveal its Creator. I read a really good article not long ago on this.


Meteor shower time
10.22.09, 4:04 pm
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I slated it in iCal. November 17-18th is the Leonids meteor shower. It is the earth’s next opportunity to watch cosmic debris fly through the atmosphere, hopefully wrapped up in warm blankets and laying in some grass somewhere dark.

During the Pereseid meteor shower in September, I drove far, far out into the countryside, drove a bit further, then took a country road off into nowhere. Took a left, took a right, and followed the road with the “Caution, Bridge Out Ahead” sign as far as it would go. Lo and behold, there was a massive house with a very nice lawn that we promptly borrowed.

Here’s a more info and a bit of Leonids history, from NASA.