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all-time favorite photograph
10.22.09, 1:34 am
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Back in highschool, I rented a studio space above the house-turned-coffee shop where I worked. I shared a wonderfully dusty, creaky room with a violin maker. His work did something to my heart. I attempted to capture him and his craft. I’m glad I have this memory.

Violin Maker

cloth-bound books
10.22.09, 1:20 am
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All books should be cloth-bound. Think of the textural possibilities. And the colors! Besides, book jackets just get roughed up (at least, mine do).

Penguin Classics just rolled out their cloth-bound series, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

I think I might do a little dance in my kitchen over this.

Cloth-bound Volumes of Joy

i like this
10.22.09, 12:32 pm
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Somewhere, at some point at time, I happened upon this.

owl scrollsaw clock

And these. I got one. It says “Honesty” inside.

ceramic thingers

a place to sit.
10.22.09, 7:20 am
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For five dollars, I bought 3 rusty, unmatched chairs and a table. I sanded them and painted them, and now they are pretty.



They are no match for this rust slayer.

Putting rust to rest!

The offending subjects

The offending subjects

Farmers Market!
10.22.09, 10:06 am
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Growing up, buying vegetables was a foreign concept… we grew our own garden, raised chickens, and planted a small orchard. I spent much of my childhood despising and avoiding my garden-duties, such as picking and squishing potato bugs, but eventually succumbed to the love and joy of growing things. By college, gardening was the outlet I relished and miss very much.

Now that I live in a city, I am so thankful the farmers marketing provides a way to satiate my need to look at, smell, and touch vegetables and eat things with a bit of  dirt still attached.

l veg 1


farmers market stall

Eggplant & Bittermelon

How to Fall Off a Mountain
10.22.09, 8:13 am
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I think for most kids, school papers are completely unexciting. But for some of us, like my younger sister, school papers are an opportunity to see what we can get away with and give the teacher something to laugh about. With no further ado, I give you a middle-school homework assignment.

How to Fall Off a Mountain

To fall off a mountain, you first need to get there. To get there, you need someone to drive you there. To get someone to drive you there, you pay them $80.00. Make them drive you to a mountain that is 1,879,683 miles from your house. When you get there, step out of your car with your left foot first. Step away from teh car and wtch the person who drove you there drive away. Then sigh for six seconds. Put your right foot in front of your left foot. Then move your left foot in front of your right one. Start moving forward. Repeat the process until you get to the top of the mountain. When you get to the very tip-top of the moutain, stand very tall. Sneeze really hard and tip backwards. Fall until you’ve reached the bottom.

The End

A life changing moment.
10.22.09, 2:29 pm
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One day, I was driving along behind a car, and behold, the license plate ahead of me bore my name. It was so astounding I determined to get video footage. I promise I didn’t tailgate to get it.